November wishlist

I am a huge supporter of Christmas festivities so expect a large amount of posts leading up to the holiday.

And how quickly the holiday season has crept up on us! I blame the commercial industry, at the stroke up midnight of October 31st, the Halloween costumes and decorations disappear and are replaced by anything: green, red, white and sparkly. And as the weather gets colder and the daylight hours wane, my wardrobe slowly gravitates towards more and more black.

  • SHEIN Backless Ruched PeakabooHalter Dress £16

Its gorgeous need I say more!

  • JIMMY CHOO Kelley $895
    What can I say I have expensive taste, it not like I will ever have them unless someone buys them for me.


  • Fred Leighton | Collection 18-Karat Gold, Sterling Silver And Diamond Earrings | NET-A-PORTER.COM

Okay I need to stop



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