5 Tips on becoming a morning person


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Throughout my life, I have always been an early riser, unlike my sister who has never really been one for early mornings. The amount of times she’s hit the snooze button is ridiculous, however, one day she asked me how I do get up so early. So I thought it would be a great blog post so here are my tips for getting up early.

1. Allow the natural daylight to shine in.  Personally, when the natural daylight seeps its way into my room, there is no way I can fall back to sleep its impossible for me. This is so much simpler in the summer.

2. Invest in some luxury bedding. I found that the more rested I was at night the easier I was able to wake up drawing the day. I would recommend breathable bedding as it will be easier to sleep drawing the hot summer nights.

3. Get everything ready the night before. Ok, one thing that I learnt and I will admit I still finding hard is getting things ready the night before. This way you won’t be rushing around in the morning at the last minute which makes for a less stressful start to the day!

Eat a good breakfast. When you eat a good breakfast you’re ready for the day ahead, you less likely to feel that that horrible mid-morning slump.

5. Enjoy the things you wouldn’t normally have time for. When I make the effort to get up a little bit earlier I can fit more things into the day.

What are your suggestions for executing early mornings more endurable?

Shayleen x

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