Chanel N05



Where do I even start with my beloved Chanel No5 perfume? I have always wanted this perfume for ages now, honestly, it’s crazy how long I wanted this perfume for. So now that I have it, I know I must write a review for this beautiful Perfume.

As I said before I have lusted over it for such a long time and begged my mum and nan until they caved in. Since that day, I have always had a bottle of this beautiful Chanel No5 perfume sat on my shelf because it really is my go-to perfume that I cannot live without.

However, I only use this perfume on special occasions because it’s so expensive. Though the thought makes me cry I can’t help but be hooked and discovered that this was a favourite of the absolute beautiful women that was Marilyn Monroe. I still love her quote where she said. “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course”.

I should really make a poster of that.

To be honest I don’t think whatever I say will justify this perfume that I adore so much. Because honestly there is something about this Chanel No5 that just cries luxury at me.

The scent is amazing and its long-wearing, I don’t need to keep touching it up which I hate.

Now when it gets to Christmas and Birthdays, my family just buy me this without even having to ask because they know that I will be more than happy to receive it.

There really isn’t anything else that I can say about this perfume. I adore it, I love everything about this perfume from its legacy, its scent, the packaging and how it lasts so well on my skin.

Make sure to leave me a comment below and let me know what you go to perfume is!

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